Friday, March 10, 2017

Long Walk to Water Reflections

Our class recently finished the novel A Long Walk to Water, so I felt that I should share some of my thoughts on the book. I thought that overall, the book made for a great read, but I still don't understand why one of the kids pushed Salva's head underwater and saved him.  I still wonder why Salva was as determined as he was, despite the thought of his entire family being in his mind. I didn't know that the conditions of most refugee camps are as rough as they are described in the book.  After reading, I thought that the theme of the novel was that you should take things one step at a time. The textual evidence to support this is, "Whenever he found himself losing hope, Salva would take a deep breath and think of his uncle's words. A step at a time. One problem at a time - just figure out this one problem." And this shows that whenever Salva was losing hope, he would just take on one problem at a time instead of trying to take on all of them at once.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Argumentative Essay

I chose to write my Argument on the fact that torture should be allowed when dealing with terrorists.

I think this topic is important because many people think that torture is inhumane, and they would be right, but with terrorists, you can receive useful information, like a base of operations, leaders, upcoming attacks, and more.

I already know that torturing people is illegal, and that there are many ways to torture people, but that's about all.

To find information, I would probably have to search articles about torture, recorded cases of people who have been tortured, different variations of torture, and information that people have released after having been tortured.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello World!

My name is Tristian M. I have never written a blog before, but writing a blog does seem interesting.

My teacher, Mr. Croy has given my class the assignment to create a blog, and we must post at least one blog per week.

I like technology and most anything online, so I will be posting mostly about that.

Hello to the world, and I welcome you to my blog!